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Our packaging machines are engineered and designed specifically for cannabis. We deliver automated precision and flexibility to meet your needs with the quality and accuracy you want. Now you can weigh, package, deliver, and grow like never before.

Precision Batcher

Precision Batcher

Package accurately to .01g while moving 800-1000 units an hour. The Precision Batcher is designed to batch your flower while preserving the potency and quality with our gentle Air Kushâ„¢ Technology.

Automated Systems

Our automated cannabis packaging systems can handle bags, jars, cans, and more. Our systems are customizable allowing you to add on according to your needs and on your own timeline. Package precisely, efficiently, and gently with a system that adapts as your business grows.

Product Counter

Accurately count your product at speeds of over 100 pcs a minute while reducing errors and labor cost with our Product Counter. Get the speed and accuracy you need to keep your business humming.