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The Precision Batcher has a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams. This allows for ultra tight tolerances when batching. For example, 1 gram batches will generally fall between 1.01 to 1.04 grams. It is virtually impossible for humans to reach this level of accuracy with any kind of speed.


The Precision Batcher uses AirKush technology, and not vibration, to move your flower through the machine, fostering an exponentially more gentle handling process that will preserve the quality and potency of your flower as you send it off to market.


The Precision Batcher can produce 20+ batches of flower per minute, allowing you to reduce your labor costs while increasing the efficiency of your process. Clients who incorporate our Precision Batcher into their system should expect a full ROI within six months to a year, assuming the packaging of 100-250 pounds per month.

Once upon a time four innovative minds, all with a passion for cannabis, had the idea to create and engineer purpose-built equipment for this new burgeoning industry. It seemed absurd at the time. With only two states legally selling cannabis, our vision for large scale weighing, packaging, and processing were light years ahead of the industry, especially an industry with such an uncertain future.

In our previous lives, our responsibilities included developing and implementing world class processing facilities for the likes of Walmart, Outback Steakhouse, and the seafood processing industry. We knew it was possible to create the same for the cannabis industry.

Our biggest challenge? How to preserve and protect this delicate flower. General packaging technology at the time was developed for low-cost items, such as jelly beans and pretzels. Cannabis flower, with its high value to weight ratio and delicate nature, presented unique challenges. Namely, how to move the flower without damage to its beauty or loss of trichomes. It was with this purpose we set out to develop equipment mindful of these unique characteristics.

It needed to be precise. It needed to be gentle. It needed to be easy to clean and it needed to be intuitive to use.

It was a tall order.

We set out to work, and enlisted the help of a local cultivation who gave us critical industry feedback. We listened. Upon testing our machine and after numerous hours and many iterations, the Precision Batcher was born … purposely built just for cannabis.

Seven years later, that first prototype is still being used by that same cultivation.

Fortunately for the cannabis industry, that uncertainty five years ago has transformed into a movement, and with the rise of it came the need for industrialized equipment. We now have over 170 systems in the field. A milestone that firmly validates the quality and precision we put into every delivery. With many repeat clients, as well as some clients who have decided to exclusively use GVS equipment, it’s clear that our system designs and our dedication to helping our clients succeed was the correct mission to undertake.

In 2016, I left a 20-year career in the food processing equipment industry to start Green Vault Systems, the premier supplier of purpose-built cannabis automation and processing technology. My business partners and I set out to design and build the best cannabis processing equipment available, and to combine that with a high-level of service and support that our customers deserve.

Today, I am proud to serve as president to an exceptional team of employees that works each and every day to help our customers achieve success. And together with our customers, Green Vault Systems will continue to bring innovative solutions and standards to our growing industry.


Hunting and fishing.

Interesting Fact

Record holder in experimental high-powered rocketry.

Having spent 25 years engineering industrial automation equipment and systems my objective has always been to bring value to both the producer and consumer. Creating process efficiency ensures a healthy bottom line for the processor while reducing the cost to the consumer – WIN! WIN! I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to take part in the pioneering of the ever-expanding cannabis industry. This is driven by a common goal shared by all of us at Green Vault Systems – to serve our customers and our industry.


Travel, boating, architecture, and remodeling.

Interesting Fact

Once took part in a panel discussion with the president of Iceland.

I’m the software and technology guy at Green Vault Systems. I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years with a degree in computer science. The aspect I enjoy most about my field is being able to design and implement new solutions to help people and improve processes. I’m so grateful to be a part of the cannabis movement because there are a myriad of new, unaddressed pain points that I can help solve. The infancy of the industry allows for the creative juices to flow to improve the current manual, inefficient processes. It also has the coolest, most creative people I’ve ever worked with.


When I’m not pounding the keyboard like a monkey, I enjoy music, travel, and sports, especially Dodgers World Series.

Interesting Fact

Lived in Japan for two years and has been to over 20 countries.

When Washington state legalized cannabis in 2014, I knew there would be need for precision weighing and automation. Then on 4/20/2016 (420!) my passionate partners and I, had the first Precision Batcher up and running. The future cannabis industry needs will only be greater, more challenging, and our team is ready.


Watching soccer, football, and building outdoor cedar furniture.

Prior to cannabis

In the 80’s I spent 10 years King crab fishing in Alaska, then 25 years in precision weighing and automation for the seafood industry.

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