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Green Vault Systems Precision Infeed Machine

Precision Infeed

Green Vault Systems Auto Flower Infeed for the Precision Batcher using our patented AirKush Technology.

Like all products and systems supplied by Green Vault Systems, our new Auto Flower Infeed is engineered and manufactured by Green Vault Systems exclusively for the unique qualities of Cannabis Flower. The Auto Flower Infeed can be delivered complete with the Green Vault Systems Precision Batcher and further automation equipment, or can be fitted you your existing Precision Batcher.

Like the GVS Precision Batcher, the Auto Flower Infeed uses gentle puffs of air to move flower. A pocketed elevator conveyor moves the flower from working floor height up to the Precision Batcher feed positions and distributes the flower to the scales based of priority, thus eliminating the need for an operator to feed the Precision Batcher.


  • Automatically distributes flower to Precision Batcher scale using GVS’s AirKush product transfer.
  • Optimizes product distribution to scales for optimal batching performance.
  • Automatically adjust feed rate and conveyor speed based on Precision Batcher capacity and batch output rate.
  • Bolt-on attachment for integration with all new and existing GVS Precision Batchers.
  • Servo Drive for high resolution position control.
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel frame construction.
  • FDA/NSF 50&51 approved materials.
  • Open, easy to clean sanitary design, exclusively engineered for cannabis flower.
  • Hygienic monolithic TPU belting with single clip for easy removal.


Power110 VAC, 5 amp
Compressed Air100 PSI, 1 CFM