Smart Feed

Green Vault Systems Smart Feed

Autonomously feed your Precision Batcher, reducing labor costs and production inefficiencies.

smart feed

Smart Feed

The GVS Smart Feed technology is engineered and manufactured by Green Vault Systems utilizing our proprietary machine-learning algorithms to work hand in hand with your Precision Batcher.  

The Smart Feed system self-regulates in real-time, to optimize product delivery by continually sampling data points related to bud characteristics (strain, size, etc), machine performance, and packaging conditions.    This is all performed in the background with zero operator assistance.

Work Smarter Not Harder

The Smart Feed is NOT just a simple conveyor system. Our intelligent machine-learning software utilizes your real-time Precision Batcher production data to analyze and self-adjust the feed rate based on actual throughput metrics. This innovative technology ensures your batcher unit is always running at peak production.



110 VAC, 5 amp