Precision Batcher

QUALITY, ACCURACY, & EFFICIENCY, Means Quick Return On Investment

The Precision Batcher is the premier equipment designed exclusively for weighing and packaging cannabis flower. Fast, accurate, and gentle for significant trichome retention thanks to our proprietary AirKush ™ Technology. Built in integrated check scales ensure your package is on target every single time.

Precision Batcher

This innovative packaging technology uses gentle puffs of air, also known as AirKush™ Technology, to move product rather than vibration. The process aids in the preservation of trichomes on your flower, leading to a higher end-potency, better market price, and a consumer experience that lives up to your brand’s high standards.

We are experts in the packaging process, and the Precision Batcher is the only specifically designed weight batcher for the cannabis industry, delivering ultra-high tolerances and capacities that not only increase overall product value but reduce labor and handling for higher product quality.


Weighing resolution of 0.01 grams

The Precision Batcher utilizes 10 scales, each with a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams, to weigh out eighths and other batch weights to an incredibly high degree of accuracy. A typical eighth will average 3.54g – 3.56g. This means less over-pack and huge cost savings. In addition to weigh batching, you are also able to define the number of buds you want in your eighths or dictate at least one star/hero nug in each batch.


AirKush™ Technology

The Precision Batcher uses our proprietary AirKush™ Technology to move your flower through the machine. The gentle puffs of air mean no vibration or other mechanical movement will damage your flower. The result is significant trichome retention for the highest possible potency and a great consumer experience.


800 – 1000 Eighths Per Hour

20+ Batches Per Minute

The Precision Batcher has a capacity of 20+ batches (grams, eighths, etc.) of flower per minute. Our customers can typically produce 800 – 1000 batches per hour of production. This makes for a very quick ROI.

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20+ batches per minute


800 – 1000 batches per hour


Approx 73”L x 36”W x 112”H
Short model 73”L x 165”W x 72”H

Batch Sizes

User Defined (i.e. 1g, 2g, 3.5g+)


1ph x 115 VAC @ 10 Amp

Input Air

100 psi @ 5 cfm




Stainless Steel and Other FDA/NSF 50&51 approved materials



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