The Most Effective Ways to Protect Cannabis Trichomes During Packaging

bag of cannabis flower with orange trichomes

Discover how AirKush Technology by Green Vault Systems revolutionizes cannabis packaging, prioritizing trichome protection. Trichomes are the heart of cannabis potency, flavor, and aroma. Green Vault Systems’ AirKush Technology, showcased in the Precision Batcher, offers a game-changing approach to cannabis packaging by prioritizing trichome protection. This innovation doesn’t just package cannabis, it protects trichomes so […]

The Gamification of Your Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Gamifying cannabis cultivation and processing increases worker engagement through challenges and rewards. Gamification is a technique that uses gameplay to enhance team member engagement in a cannabis cultivation or processing facility. With components such as storylines, challenges, rewards, and analytics, gamification is a strategy for varied cannabis industry training needs. We all remember playing trivia […]

The 20 Products Every Professional Cannabis Facility Needs in 2024

Cannabis Cultivation Facility with Purple Lighting

Purpose-built equipment for cannabis cultivation and processing is essential to success in the marketplace. You must have these products in your cannabis cultivation and processing facilities: LED lights Irrigation/fertigation systems Emergency power systems pH and TDS measuring equipment Personal protective equipment Trimming equipment Fertilizers Carbon filters Vertical growing mediums Cannabis batcher Gas detection/alarms Dehumidification and […]

Automation in Cannabis Cultivation: A Beginner’s Guide

toy robot and cannabis plants

Smart technologies allow you to fully automate nearly every aspect of cannabis cultivation. Automation in cannabis cultivation and processing starts in the grow room, with automated lights, fertigation systems, and climate controls. Implemented automated systems reduce costs, streamline cultivation and extraction processes, and provide data-driven insights to optimize your operation. The first humans to use […]

25 Simple Ways to Protect and Preserve Cannabis Flower During Cultivation and Harvest

Cannabis Plants in indoor cultivation facility

Make sure everything goes right during cannabis cultivation and harvest by taking these steps to protect your crop. Indoor and outdoor cannabis plants require that cultivators take steps to protect and preserve the entire crop. The best ways to protect cannabis flower include: 1. Fend off powdery mildew, pests, and diseases2. Guard against nutrient overload3. […]

The Cannabis Industry Deserves Purpose-Built Machinery: Here’s Why

Green Vault Systems: Automated Cannabis Packaging Machines

Equipment designed for use in cannabis cultivation and processing facilities leads to a higher quality product and increased revenue. Purpose-built cannabis cultivation, processing, and extraction equipment has become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. Specific machines are necessary for the production of cannabis concentrates, flower pre-rolls, THC and CBD infused edibles, topicals, sublingual sprays, vape […]

The Ten Steps to Cannabis Processing Success

Marijuana Plants

Cannabis processing success hinges important touch points on the road to products such as vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls. With cannabis products, it’s all about the process. The ultimate goal of any cannabis cultivator is to transform raw plant material into an array of products without losing any of the flower’s heady characteristics. This […]

A History of Cannabis Cultivation Equipment

Hand trimming cannabis plant

Cannabis cultivators have historically been forced to use equipment meant for other industries. Before legalization, cultivators used equipment made for other industries, including retail, food and beverage, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. With modern-day cannabis cultivation equipment on the rise, cultivators now have access to soil nutrients, lighting, HVAC, harvesting tools, and packaging machinery specifically designed for […]

The Basics of Commercial Grow Room Automation

Precision Batcher

From grow lights and watering systems to ventilation and temperature control, there are many opportunities for automation in a commercial grow room. Some of the most common forms of commercial grow room automation include grow lights and irrigation systems. Grow lights can either be set to simple timers or paired with LED systems via mobile […]

5 Steps To Maintain Trichome Quality and Potency During Harvesting

Cannabis Trichomes with a green overlay

Trichomes determine the cannabis bud’s potency and each strain’s unique flavor and aroma. Trichomes are microscopic hairs on cannabis buds that contain the majority of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Protecting trichomes at harvest time means carefully flushing cannabis, removing fan leaves, trimming the weed correctly, drying the buds, and curing the cannabis. Despite its […]